Get a Head Start on Designing Your Cash Flow Statements in Sage 300 CRE

cash flow snipDesigning Cash Flow Statements in Sage 300 CRE Financial Statement Designer can be tricky.  However, you can get a  head start on your design by downloading one or both sample designs from the Sage Knowledgebase website.

Login to the Sage Knowledgebase and choose Sage 300 CRE as your software.  Type in Cash Flow Statements in the Search and choose the article “How do I create a cash flow statement.”  Download the zip file(s) of your choice.   There is one for the Construction Sample Data and one for the PM Sample data that you can unzip to your sample data folders (version 8.3 or higher) using your file tools.

You will then be able to review and use a sample as you build your own cash flow statement.  There are two samples included in the downloaded file.  One showing monthly totals for the year and another design that shows the current month and year to date totals.  If you wish to start with one of these designs in your company folder, you can then copy the .fsd file to your own folder.  Just remember that you will have to change and/or add accounts on each line of the statement in addition to adding any accumulators created for these designs.  Good Luck!