Take Your General Ledger to Excel with Office Connector


Bringing the standard Sage 300 CRE Current Ledger or YTD Ledger into Excel can be tricky.  Headings and descriptive details on reports that make them easier to read when printed to paper can make it difficult to bring a report into a columnar format like Excel.  There are many Sage 300 CRE clients who may have never ventured down to the last folder on your desktop called “Excel-Based Reporting – Office Connector”.   Getting your GL data easily and directly into GL is a reason to do so.

Office Connector is an add-in for Excel that allows you to easily turn Excel into a reporting and management tool for your Sage 300 CRE database.  Any purchase of Sage 300 CRE comes with the Office Connector Starter package including a dashboard, and a couple Construction and Property Management queries in addition to the General Ledger query.  This gives you an idea of what this product can do and provides you with the handy “Account Ledger with Detail” query.

To use the General Ledger “Account Ledger with Detail” query, open it up by clicking on it and, if needed, click on the macro option to enable content.  Click on the Admin tab to enter your desired dates and specific prefixes if you wish to narrow down your data.  Choose “Refresh Report” to start the query and display your report in Excel.  There is even a “Sample Values” tab to show you how to enter the prompts fields and narrow down your search.  If you wish to see more about this product, just choose the About Office Connector option under the “Excel-Based Reporting – Office Connector” folder.   There, you can review other uses and options available for this product as well as handy and easy tutorials about each query that comes with your Office Connector Starter product.

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